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Gencor Industries, Inc. leads the road and highway construction industry with some of the most respected and recognized names and the highest quality equipment. Bituma, General Combustion (Genco), HyWay, and H&B (Hetherington & Berner) have earned their reputation with over 100 years of quality and integrity. Each company is a leader in its field and is dedicated to producing cutting edge technology and the highest quality equipment to road and highway contractors. Virtually every major innovation for the last thirty years in energy release, heat transfer, alternative fuels, asphalt production, and the environmental sciences as they relate to Gencor’s Industries, have been spawned inside one of the Gencor enterprises.

Gencor Industries remains focused on proactively serving and satisfying its customers from all aspects. Through improved cost-effectiveness, and quality of its products and services, Gencor’s personnel are dedicated to the principle of providing the highest quality to the industry to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage for Gencor.


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Gencor Industries

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